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Wait Until Dark

February 16, 200935 CommentsPosted in Beth Finke, blindness, Uncategorized

Earlier this week I got an email from “stage management” of Court Theatre in Chicago. The Hyde Park company is staging the play Wait Until Dark — they were wondering if I’d be willing to come by at rehearsal to, well, you know, show them the ropes. Chicago’s Metromix describes the play like this: A […]

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Money Talks — I Wish!

February 1, 200912 CommentsPosted in blindness, Uncategorized

I keep track of money by folding each denomination differently. Twenties are folded in half, tens down to three-quarter size. Fives get the end folded into a triangle and singles I just leave be. I have to trust cashiers not to cheat me – I ask them to call out each bill as it’s placed […]

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