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Driving Miss Bethie

April 23, 201125 CommentsPosted in Beth Finke, Harper, Seeing Eye dogs, Uncategorized

Thursday’s show was called “Oprah’s Producers Uncensored, plus Most Memorable Audience Moments.” Chris, the Oprah producer who called me last week, had suggested they use my After the Show comment about my job modeling nude for art students. She called me again after that. And again. And again. She was fact-checking my bio. Confirming details […]

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Oprah's sending a car

April 20, 201114 CommentsPosted in Beth Finke, blindness, Uncategorized, writing

A producer from the Oprah Winfrey Show contacted me last week. She wanted to let me know they might use a clip of my 2001 “After the Show” appearance in an upcoming segment. The show is tentatively titled “More Oprah Producers Most Unforgettable Moments,” and is slated to air Monday, April 25, 2011. “We’re taping […]

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95 on the 95th

April 18, 201124 CommentsPosted in blindness, Flo, Harper, Uncategorized

This Wednesday, April 20, my wise, unpretentious, courageous, empathetic, stubborn, hardworking, appreciative and absolutely gorgeous mother will be 95 years old. Although Flo herself would never say this, her life has not been easy. Our father, Ed Finke, died when he was 47 years old. My oldest sister Bobbie is 20 years older than I […]

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