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Bark Magazine refers to them as the “Broken Foot Chronicles”

July 30, 20119 CommentsPosted in Beth Finke, blindness, Blogroll, guide dogs, Harper, Mike Knezovich, Seeing Eye dogs, Uncategorized, writing

All your comments and questions to my posts about Harper’s well-being after I broke my foot made me think. Hey, maybe The Bark would like to publish a post about what happens to a Seeing Eye dog while his blind partner is recovering from an illness or injury. And so, I revamped a post I’d […]

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Follow a Dream

July 27, 201112 CommentsPosted in blindness, Blogroll, Flo, Uncategorized

iv class=”mceTemp”> My five-year-old great niece stayed with me overnight last week while Mike was away. She adjusted the Velcro on my boot cast, guided my finger to a strip for my blood glucose test, and retrieved my cane for me so many times that I told her she oughta be a nurse when she […]

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