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And now, for something completely different: An eyewitness account at the ocularist

November 30, 201117 CommentsPosted in blindness, Uncategorized

So, as the guest blogger here I’m happy to introduce: Another guest blogger! He’s Chuck Gullett. He and his lovely partner Rene are friends from our little Printers Row neighborhood. Last week while I was in Urbana, Chuck was kind enough to accompany Beth to an unusual (for most people) appointment. Since he’s a great […]

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So much to be thankful for

November 25, 201121 CommentsPosted in blindness, guide dogs, Hanni, Harper, Mike Knezovich, Seeing Eye dogs, travel, Uncategorized

Every morning my Seeing Eye dog and I pass the same homeless man in front of the 7-Eleven store. “StreetWise today!” he calls out. “Can you give a little hepp today?” StreetWise is a newspaper sold by homeless people in Chicago. The concept is that by selling StreetWise, people down on their luck might get […]

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The only thing I have in common with Jay Cutler

November 22, 201117 CommentsPosted in Beth Finke, blindness, Uncategorized

I’ve always liked Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. “That’s because you can’t see his face!” my football-loving friends at Hackney’s (our local tavern) tell me. “You can’t tell what a whiner he is.” Ever since Cutler broke his thumb in last Sunday’s game, though, it seems like it’s those Bears fans doing the whining, not my […]

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