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Holiday stew

December 30, 201314 CommentsPosted in baseball, guest blog, Mike Knezovich, Uncategorized

Hey folks, Mike’s filling in for me today: Well, the holidays. They’re just about over. And as much as I’ve enjoyed them this year (a whole lot), I’m ready to move on. We’re feeling a little splintered down here on the Row in Breezy (these are from Marcus, from Printers Row Wine Shop, his new […]

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The Nation of Flo

December 27, 201318 CommentsPosted in Flo, Uncategorized

All six of my brothers and sisters are grandparents. My oldest sister, Bobbie, has three great-grandchildren. As my husband Mike likes to say, “It’s not a family, it’s a nation!” Buying Christmas presents for the entire Nation of Flo is out of the question. So we pick names, and you have to make a gift […]

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Help kids in this South Side Chicago school — it won't cost you a penny

December 14, 20137 CommentsPosted in Beth Finke, Blogroll, guest blog, Uncategorized, visiting schools, Whitney

Today’s guest post is by Elizabeth Seebeck, the founder of Oglesby Montessori Foundation. by Elizabeth Seebeck Last February, 31 little bodies sat still in their small, Montessori classroom in one of the most impoverished neighborhoods of Chicago: the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood. The children were absolutely mesmerized by Beth, her dog, and her story. It’s not every day that schoolkids get […]

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