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I used to think "blind photographer" was an oxymoron

September 26, 20155 CommentsPosted in blindness, Blogroll, guest blog, memoir writing, technology for people who are blind, Uncategorized

A blog post I published here earlier this month got such an intriguing comment from a blogger in Germany that I asked her to write a guest post here. She said “Ja!” Photo Narrations — pictures for the blind and sighted by Tina Paulick Beth’s post was about how she asked writers in her memoir […]

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Mondays with Mike: We interrupt this debate for the truth

September 21, 20156 CommentsPosted in Mike Knezovich, Mondays with Mike, Uncategorized

Here’s an idea: how about we use instant replay in the presidential debates? After the last presidential debate, I did look at various fact-checking services—and it’s incredible how many outright lies and unforgivable exagerrations the candidates put forth. More incredible is that the so-called journalists don’t have the backbone to call them on the spot. […]

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