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Guest post by Stella De Genova: Blind at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

March 30, 201615 CommentsPosted in blindness, guest blog, Uncategorized

Three cheers for the Chicago Cultural Accessibility Consortium! Thanks to the CCAC and the Contemporary Museum of Art Chicago, the Chicago History Museum, Gift Theater and Steppenwolf Theater I was able to take advantage of not just one, not two, but three different special audio touch tours for people who are blind or visually impaired […]

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Guest post by DJ Mermaid:In France, they'll call her DJ Sirène

March 26, 20168 CommentsPosted in careers/jobs for people who are blind, guest blog, travel, Uncategorized, Writing for Children

DJ Mermaid is learning French now. Dj’s dream paradise by DJ Mermaid Bonjour mes amis! Every mermaid/DJ has to have her own get-away! Mine happens to be on an entirely different continent. As you may have guessed, we have arrived in Paris, France!! (Not really, but in the post we have, OK?) My dream itinerary […]

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Going totally blind today

March 23, 201622 CommentsPosted in travel, Uncategorized, Whitney

One good thing came from the fall I took in December: Breaking my hand convinced me to apply for a Taxi Access Program (TAP) card. The TAP card gives taxi discounts to Chicagoans whose disabilities make it difficult to access regular public transportation. Just “tap” the card on a screen in the back seat the […]

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