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In my meeting with DJ Mermaid this week we talked (among other things) about expressing our honest feelings in our personal stories, and the importance of using strong verbs to express ourselves. DJ Mermaid is a very fast learner, and you’ll see an example of this in today’s post #3. IN her original draft she said she was “in casts,” and I asked for a stronger verb.

by DJ Mermaid

If you stepped into my shoes — or fin — right now you would realize that I am going through a difficult and awkward time in my life. I am imprisoned in casts on both legs from my ankles to my hips (I am wearing casts to put my heel down and make myself straight) and am stuck at home with my mom! (Uggh!)

Yesterday my friends came over and we decorated s'more cupcakes. Loads of fun.

Yesterday my friends came over and we decorated s’more cupcakes. Loads of fun.

Just in case this sounds exciting to you, I am going to show you a day in my fin through words and numbers.

  • Wake up happily!
  • Eat a delicious and healthy breakfast like an over hard egg with a fresh fruit smoothie.
  • Do homework while mom takes little bother to school (I hate this part because I already know the material! It is wayyyyy too easy!)
  • Mommy Math Time! (while standing up) Hate!
  • EXERCISE — Super Girl lifts, toe curling, one arm raising and so on.
  • Standing and watching TV.
  • Eat lunch like mango and a PB&J.
  • More standing exercises, sometimes typing on the computer, sometimes Facetime, reading.
  • More exercises.
  • Mom picks up little bother from school.
  • Tutoring (this is soooooooo boring).
  • Dinner.
  • Facetime with my bff (he knows who he is!).
  • More standing, reading or TV.

Here I take a break from my list and I am going to tell you what the top ten best reality TV shows are that I am allowed to watch:

  1. Project Runway
  2. Project Runway: Junior
  3. All- Star Academy
  4. Kid’s Baking Championship
  5. The Profit
  6. Shark Tank
  7. Cake Wars
  8. Cupcake Wars
  9. Guy’s Grocery Games
  10. Chopped

We also like to bake delicious treats. I am inspired by some of the baking TV programs. My favorite is the Brownie (Chocolate Chess) Pie. Basically it is a brownie on the inside with a pie crust outer shell. NOTE: Serve with Dad’s French vanilla ice cream if desired. Another favorite is an apple and pear breakfast crumble. Put your filling of apples and pears together and then create a streusel type of crust top.

I write stories, too. The one I am working on now is called The Old Pioneer Westerner. It is about a girl and her family who, after being split up, work to make a better life for themselves. In 1847 they go from Colorado to their destination of Salem, Oregon. This story captures the heart of the American Dream.

Have you gotten to flap in my fins enough?

Well, that’s the end of my 3rd post!

-DJ Mermaid


satori22 On March 6, 2016 at 10:29 am

From what I hear baking and decorating cupcakes are healing – keep at it. And as an investment, I’ll bake and decorate a few healing cupcakes for you.

Mary Russell On March 7, 2016 at 8:43 am

DJ. A reader can tell you love to bake. Reading your blog made me VERY hungry, right now, for, just to pick one, chocolate chess pie.

Marilee On March 7, 2016 at 3:19 pm

DJ Mermaid you have a very busy schedule! I like your TV list! I am wondering what books you are reading. And I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

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