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Wanda’s Winning Words: Part Two

October 6, 20174 CommentsPosted in baseball, book tour, careers/jobs for people who are blind, memoir writing, politics, public speaking, visiting libraries

The week the Cubs won the World Series last year, I assigned the writing prompt “Winners!” A year later, the Chicago Cubs are in the running again: they play their first game of the 2017 NL Division playoffs against the Washington Nationals today. This post is the second in a series of posts considering which […]

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Mondays with Mike: Appreciating with age

August 7, 2017CommentsPosted in baseball, Mike Knezovich, Mondays with Mike

I’ve mentioned The Beachwood Reporter here before—it’s a veteran journalist’s take on current events and how well (or poorly) they are being covered by the news media. The Beachwood also produces podcasts and guest columns; one of those columns has become a favorite. Every Monday, Roger Wallenstein—who used to hang out with Bill Veeck (he […]

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