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Something tells me these photos are sensational

August 13, 201522 CommentsPosted in baseball, blindness, Flo, Mike Knezovich, travel, Uncategorized

My niece Jen and her one-year-old daughter, who I lovingly call “Toots,” flew in from Florida yesterday. My sister Bev and her family are coming by train from Michigan later this morning. My sister Marilee is flying in from Florida tomorrow, my brother Doug and his daughter Marsha are driving in from Louisville Friday afternoon, […]

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How on earth did this post about the Lincoln Memorial turn into one about dinner parties with Flo?

May 30, 201516 CommentsPosted in Flo, travel, Uncategorized

When my talking computer read today’s Writer’s Almanac out loud to me this morning, I discovered that the Lincoln Memorial was dedicated on this day in 1922. My mother, Flo, was born before the Lincoln Memorial? Whoa. I thought the Lincoln Memorial had been around since, well, since the Emancipation Proclamation or something. The Writer’s […]

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Seven favorite Mondays with Mike posts for 2014

December 25, 20145 CommentsPosted in baseball, Blogroll, Flo, Mike Knezovich, Mondays with Mike, parenting a child with special needs, politics, Uncategorized, writing

2014 marks the year we inaugurated our “Mondays with Mike” feature on the Safe & Sound blog. My husband Mike Knezovich had been writing guest posts here for years (particularly when I was away training with Seeing Eye dogs), and it was high time to make his posts a regular feature. You blog readers reacted […]

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She's 98 in dog years

September 5, 20146 CommentsPosted in baseball, Flo, memoir writing, Uncategorized

And now, an update on a few favorite female friends. Eliza Cooper ended up not racing in that Brooklyn Bridge Swim after the NYC Swims director decided that athletes with disabilities would have to pay an extra fee to participate. A few weeks later, Eliza and her volunteer guide from Achilles International swam 1.2 miles […]

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