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Guest post: Hanni left big shoes to fill, and this guy can fill ’em

November 15, 201713 CommentsPosted in guest blog, guide dogs, Seeing Eye dogs, Uncategorized

We’ve posted before about Steven and Nancy, our friends who generously volunteered to adopt Hanni when she retired from her duties as my guide dog. Steven and Nancy and Hanni had a great several years together–Hanni lived to 17!  But when she died earlier this year, Hanni left a big void. Nancy has posted here before, […]

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What’s the best thing you ever bought, borrowed or stole?

November 11, 20178 CommentsPosted in careers/jobs for people who are blind, guest blog, memoir writing, politics

This week I asked writers in my memoir classes to put together 500-word essays about the best thing they ever bought, borrowed or stole. Essays came back about a yoyo, a wedding dress, college educations, a maternity dress, a black walnut dining table, condos with lake views, a black leather jacket, artwork, a stylish mmauve […]

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