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Mondays with Mike: Appreciating with age

August 7, 2017CommentsPosted in baseball, Mike Knezovich, Mondays with Mike

I’ve mentioned The Beachwood Reporter here before—it’s a veteran journalist’s take on current events and how well (or poorly) they are being covered by the news media. The Beachwood also produces podcasts and guest columns; one of those columns has become a favorite. Every Monday, Roger Wallenstein—who used to hang out with Bill Veeck (he […]

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Mondays with Mike: Dirty jobs

July 31, 20174 CommentsPosted in Mike Knezovich, Mondays with Mike

We like to look at other peoples’ jobs as easy. If they don’t meet our standards? They’re lazy or incompetent. Sure, we bow to brain surgeons, airline pilots, elite athletes and the like. But waiters, bartenders, construction workers who have the nerve to be taking a break—we freely disparage them when they fall short. We’re […]

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