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Mondays with Mike: A good, if difficult, read

September 25, 20174 CommentsPosted in Mike Knezovich, Mondays with Mike, politics, Uncategorized

Awhile back I posted about Hillbilly Elegy, a book that has gotten a lot of attention and raised a lot of hackles. Author J.D. Vance tells the story of his upbringing in Ohio, and of his forbears and other family members’ roots in Appalachia. The people Vance describes initially thrived in industrial Ohio, but eventually […]

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Mondays with Mike: Privacy intrudes on the public

August 28, 20174 CommentsPosted in Uncategorized

Sometimes I think we, as a culture, are learning and improving. Other times, I’m pretty sure we are all going to hell (WAAGTH). For example, on one hand, I feel—totally anecdotally—as if more people know better than to have a loud conversation walking down a public sidewalk, exposing fellow pedestrians to TMI. (My favorite awful […]

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