Almond Joy

September 10, 20075 CommentsPosted in guide dogs, Hanni, Seeing Eye dogs, Uncategorized

Silly, Hanni!I have a part-time job moderating the autism blog at Easter Seals. Every Friday I meet with my supervisor for a “weekly download,” i.e., we go over what happened the previous week.
For our last download of the summer we decided to do something special – meet at Jake’s Pub, one of my boss’ favorite bars in Chicago. I fed Hanni in the bathroom at work before we left. Her dog bowl wasn’t under the sink where I’d left it, so we went into a stall and I just spilled her bag of dog food on to the floor. It seemed to take her FOREVER to finish. “C’mon, Hanni! C’mon, hurry up!” I urged her on. I wanted her to finish before someone came in and caught her licking the bathroom floor.
We do have some pride, after all.
Hani finally finished her food, we went downstairs, piled into a cab and headed to Jake’s. One drink led to another. I started getting hungry. Reaching down into my bag, I pulled out a pouch full of almonds, set them on the bar and started to munch. .
Ugh! Yuck! Spit out! Ugh!
No wonder it had taken Hanni so long to eat her dinner in the bathroom stall – I’d given her a pouch full of almonds instead of dog food!
I think Hanni got 100% of her daily Vitamin E requirement that day.
As for me, I really impressed my boss. She’d never seen ANYONE eat dog food at Jake’s
Pub before.