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My favorite question? The one about being so pretty, of course

March 13, 201415 CommentsPosted in blindness, guide dogs, questions kids ask, Seeing Eye dogs, travel, Uncategorized, visiting schools, Whitney

Whitney started every presentation we did on Long Island this week with a whine and a moan. She wasn’t scared of the kids. She wanted to play with them! Who can blame her? The kids were cute, cute, cute, but somehow Whitney managed to settle in and lie down by the time we got to […]

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Teacher's pet

May 24, 201212 CommentsPosted in Beth Finke, Blogroll, Seeing Eye dogs, travel, Uncategorized, visiting schools, Whitney

ItalianHandfull left a commentto my previous post saying how touched she was to get an “inside-out” look at a presentation for elementary school kids. That comment inspired me to share this additional point of view from the teacher who arranged our visit to Long Island in the first place. Erica Bohrer teaches at Daniel Street […]

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How are Hanni’s dreams?

April 8, 20106 CommentsPosted in baseball, blindness, book tour, Braille, guide dogs, Hanni, Seeing Eye dogs, Uncategorized, visiting schools

How are Hanni’s dreams? That question was my favorite of all the ones asked during this week’s school visits to Long Island. And trust me, there was lots of competition. Runners up: Do newspapers come out in Braille? I know we can’t pet Hanni when her harness is on, but can you? Are all Seeing […]

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Martha Speaks, Hanni Listens

April 1, 200913 CommentsPosted in book tour, travel, Uncategorized, visiting libraries, visiting schools, Writing for Children

Is it March 31 already!? Seems like an April Fool’s joke! This sure has been a busy – and rewarding — month for Hanni and Beth: Safe & Sound. In one month, Hanni and I visited five elementary schools, two libraries, one health education center, one teacher education center, and appeared at one author-illustrator night. […]

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