Book An Appearance

Beth has a story that is at once dramatic, difficult, and ultimately triumphant and inspiring. She’s honest, candid, and has a natural talent for connecting with a wide range of audiences:

  • In K-12 classrooms and public libraries, kids learn about blindness—and how Beth works using her talking Beth Finke blind author and her seeing eye dog speaking to a small group of elementary school students in their school librarycomputer, travels with her Seeing Eye dog, and accomplishes day-to-day tasks using adaptive techniques.
  • Beth frequently conducts writing workshops and participates in panels on the craft and business of writing.
  • To older adults and gerontologists, Beth speaks about the powerful benefits of memoir writing. Much of her wisdom has been gained from a decade of leading memoir classes for senior writers.
  • To corporate audiences, Beth speaks on disability in the workplace, as well as providing inspiration-focused presentations.
  • In college classes, Beth gives talks to classes on creative writing, journalism, veterinary medicine, disability studies, and counseling.

If you’d like Beth to speak to your group, start by supplying the following information in the form below:

  1. What’s the name and location of your group?
  2. Can you provide a brief description of the audience?
  3. Is there a particular issue or topic (blindness, writing, e.g.) you’d like her to address?
  4. Is there a date range?
  5. Do you have budget figure?