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Do Seeing Eye dogs really know their left from their right?

January 14, 201512 CommentsPosted in blindness, Mike Knezovich, questions kids ask, Seeing Eye dogs, Uncategorized, visiting schools

Whitney usually leads me to the train station in downtown Chicago on her own, but when my gem of a husband, Mike Knezovich, generously offered to walk us this morning, I said “YES!” Reasons: Freezing temperatures — if Whitney and I got lost or turned around for just a few minutes, we’d end up with […]

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Mondays with Mike: What the able bodied might be missing

January 12, 20153 CommentsPosted in blindness, Mike Knezovich, Mondays with Mike, parenting a child with special needs, Uncategorized

Beth wrote a post last week about how author Laura Hillenbrand and NPR’s Terry Gross—like Beth—conduct interviews without being able to see their subjects. Of course, that’s owed to very different circumstances for each of them. Not being able to do something in a conventional way can be the mother of invention for other methods that have their […]

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Interviewing someone without looking them in the eye

January 9, 201512 CommentsPosted in blindness, careers/jobs for people who are blind, memoir writing, radio, Uncategorized, writing

Turns out I’m in good company when it comes to interviewing people without seeing what they look like. Laura Hillenbrand (award-winning author of Sea Biscuit and Unbroken) and Fresh Air’s Terry Gross were both quoted in a New York Times Sunday Magazine story recently saying they actually prefer interviewing people that way. The article explains […]

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