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Write about a celebrity's death that made you really sad

May 6, 201615 CommentsPosted in careers/jobs for people who are blind, memoir writing, politics, radio, Uncategorized

Mike’s post last month about using Facebook to mourn for Prince motivated me to ask the writers in the memoir classes I lead to write about a celebrity’s death that made them really sad. “The celebrity can be an author, an artist, an athlete, a musician, an actor, an actress, a political figure, anyone who […]

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Mel's three songs

November 15, 20156 CommentsPosted in memoir writing, radio, Uncategorized

On Friday WBEZ (Chicago Public Radio) invited writer Mel Washburn and me to their studio to talk about the Sum Up Your Life in Three Songs assignment I gave to my Chicago memoir-writing classes last week. Mel is in the Monday class I lead for Lincoln Park Village. During the interview, Morning Edition host Tony […]

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