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Whitney has a smart bump, and she's not afraid to use it

January 23, 20129 CommentsPosted in Beth Finke, blindness, Blogroll, guide dogs, Harper, Seeing Eye dogs, Uncategorized, Whitney, writing

Today Bark Magazine published a blog post I wrote about my first weeks at home in Chicago with Whitney. I start out the post describing how the Seeing Eye-dog thing is supposed to work. The blind person memorizes or finds the route, the pair gets themselves situated on the sidewalk, the blind person commands “Forward!” […]

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What it takes to be a Seeing Eye dog instructor

November 15, 20115 CommentsPosted in Beth Finke, guide dogs, Harper, Seeing Eye dogs, travel, Uncategorized, visiting schools

I figured that once I told the animal sciences department at University of Illinois that Harper wouldn’t be coming with me, they’d cancel my guest lecture to their animal sciences class tomorrow. But I was wrong. Professor Amy Fisher wants me to come anyway, and I think the talk will be interesting. My plan is […]

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